2018 Conference Facility

The 2018 MASAR Conference is being held at Camp Fernwood Cove in Harrison Maine.  Fernwood Cove is a summer camp with over two hundred acres that house incredible facilities — a dining hall, theater hall, cabins, shower houses, woods, playing fields, equestrian facilities, and more.  The campus is dog-friendly and will welcome any canine resources. Horses will be kept in mobile paddocks in a designated area.  The entire campus is foot-accessible, with ample parking in a designated location.  Please see the campus map below for more information.


Meals starting with dinner on Friday night and going through Sunday lunch will be provided for all conference participants, so it is important to us that when you register, you provide an accurate representation of which days you will be attending.  Meals will be provided by the Fernwood Cove chef, Keith Pacheco, and will accommodate gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.  If you have any other dietary restrictions, please let us know when you register and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


The bunks at Fernwood Cove have mattresses but no linens.  Please bring your own sheets or sleeping bag, pillow, and towel.  Each SAR team will have a designated bunk cabin with additional spaces available as needed.  Presenters, instructors, and sponsors will also be housed in bunk cabins.  The Wilderness First Aid course participants will be assigned bunk houses in a designated location.  If you have special lodging needs or concerns please let us know.

To learn more about Camp Fernwood Cove and to see pictures of the facility, please see their website here:

Our Campus


Alcoholic Beverages 

If you would like to enjoy alcoholic beverages in the evening of the MASAR conference, we ask that you bring your own beer, wine, or cider and do so on the marked south and west porches of the Chickawah Theater.  We understand that some members of the SAR community enjoy kicking back at the end of a hard day of learning and getting to know each other.  We also want to respect that some members of our community are not able to be around alcohol in a healthy way and that Camp Fernwood Cove serves as both a summer camp and an elementary school.  For these reasons, we ask that you refrain from drinking alcohol anywhere else on the campus, including bunk rooms, and that you make sure any containers are recycled properly.


Similar to the alcohol policy, we ask that if you would like to smoke you do so on the raised deck adjacent to the Chickawah Theater.  There will be receptacles for cigarette butts provided in that location.